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Chiefs fans have been waiting since the season ended for further coaching staff moves to shake up the process.Cheap Football Jerseys. Andy Reid said he wanted to give himself time after the Chiefs postseason loss to the Tennessee Titan before making any decisions, which is understandable for someone to want to let the emotions of the moment die down.China Jerseys. However, it seems that Reid never even really considered the one option most fans are asking for, if we are to take Reid at his word.


To be fair to Sutton, the Chiefs have enjoyed placement among the NFL’s best defenses in points allowed in four of his five seasons in Kansas City, placing in the top 7 in all those years.Cheap NFL Jerseys China. That said, the Chiefs also gave up more yards than almost anyone else in the NFL over the last two years, and it’s clear that Sutton’s schemes are becoming more and more predictable as time goes on.Wholesale Jerseys.Reid believes that adjustments can make the difference, and fans will have to trust that.


A year ago, Tom Brady and the Patriots made history when they overcame a 28-3 deficit to beat the Falcons in overtime of Super Bowl LI. In the dizzying aftermath of the greatest comeback ever, Brady lost track of his game jersey. Specifically, it was stolen out of his locker by Martin Mauricio Ortega.By April, the the Case of the Stolen Tom Brady Jerseys was officially closed when team owner Robert Kraft presented the quarterback with not only his game-worn jersey from Super Bowl LI but the one from Super Bowls XLIX too.Wholesale NFL Jerseys.